Chhattisgarh Encounter: NewsBust talks to sikh CRPF jawan Balraj Singh – NewsBust Exclusive: Balraj Singh, who saved the life of a fellow from a turban, said it was necessary for the health of SI Sahab


questions: The first question is, how is your health?
answer: I am absolutely fit, Doctor said that I will be discharged in 1-2 days.

questions: Is there any problem right now?

answer: No no problem

questions: It is a bit sad that so many companions have been martyred, you had to go through these situations but go back a little and tell what happened, how did you go on the movement?
answer: When the targets were hit, they were coming back after searching, only then the movement of Naxalites was seen, only then they found out that they were keeping an eye. SP sahib also told that their number is around 400. You people stay alert. Then he started firing mortar, UGL shells. There was a big height on both sides, and ambush was placed there. U Type was, three sided. Many of our young men were injured.

questions: First they let you in, then attacked with an ambush of U shape

answer: Yes sir.

questions: One thing everyone is praising you, how did you take out your turban and tie it on his wound to save the life of your partner and officer?
answer: At that time, the personnel of STF, DRG were injured with us, who were busy looking after Santosh sir, who gave our first aid .. Then a grenade was torn near SI Sahib’s leg and his pellet felt so much blood coming out of his leg. He was moaning with pain that someone should tie a bandage, stop the blood. I had kept the barricade near the tree right there. When I heard shouting, tied two parts of the turban and tied one part in the leg.

questions: At that time, you first thought that to save your life is there something of first aid or else I should tie a turban?
answer: It was very important for his health. The battle was very long. They had to be alive in it for 5-6 hours. It was also very important for us.

questions: DG Saheb Virk Saheb came, he sent you a turban, he brought your point on social media too, what would he like to say?
answer: I can get well soon and show my respect to everyone by tying the same turban once

.questions: Do you think the Maoists were already aware that they were sitting in ambush?
answer: Yes sir .. Their movement was from ten to twelve days. He was giving his input to the police. Due to that, he was giving the input in the area. These traps were happening only when the operation was launched.

questions: When you reached there, I was a little surprised how such three sides got surrounded.
answer: The biggest shield is their civilian support, due to which the force becomes a little weak.

questions: Could you talk to Abhishek ji, whose life did you save?
answer: Those heads are together, they are fine now.

questions: Were you saying something that you want to share with us?

answer: Talked on the phone, they were asking about the situation.

questions: After being discharged from the hospital, who would want to go home and see who is missing the most?
answer: Mother is missing the most. She was hurt a few days ago, she was in the hospital, she was hurt. I will go and meet them now

questions: Got a call during this, could something happen?
answer: Yes, it is.


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