Chhattisgarh Dhamtari Unique custom to get children people pass over women lying on their stomach


Unique practice to get children in Dhamtari, people pass over women lying on their stomach

The Madai Mela is held every year after Deepawali in Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, where a practice for procuring children in the temple of Maa Angaramoti has been going on for a long time, in which women lie on their stomachs and the people of Baiga tribe Pass through This is called parana. It is believed that by doing this, women get children. This year too, more than 200 women were lying on their stomach carrying open hair with lemon, coconut and other worship material. You can see in the video itself, how 200 women are lying on the ground and people of Baiga tribe are passing over them.

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Let us know that thousands of people come from far-flung areas to see Madai here. A large number of childless women reach here on the day of Madai. On November 20, more than 200 childless women had arrived at the mother-in-law of Mother Angaramoti, wishing to have children. According to the belief, she lay down on her stomach in front of a group of more than 11 Baigas carrying shanty, flag and dang. The group of Baigas passed over the women. It is believed that in this way, the lying of women and the passing of the Baigas over them gives the grace of mother and childless women get children.


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