Chhath Puja concludes with prayers to rising sun amid Coronavirus, people gathered in Patna


Last day of four day Chhath Puja on Saturday

New Delhi / Patna:

Chhath Puja ended on Saturday by offering arghya to the rising sun across the country. Devotees celebrated the fast by worshiping the sun on the last day of the four-day Chhath Puja at river ghats, including Patna in Bihar, Ranchi in Jharkhand and Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. In Bihar’s capital Patna, people gave ‘Usha Arghya’ at Patna College Ghat. During this period, the rules of the coronavirus protocol were also ignored. A large crowd of people can be seen in the pictures without following masks and social distancing.

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A similar view was seen in Varanasi among the devotees worshiping on the banks of the Ganges river. However, during this time many people thought it better to stay in the house and offered arghya to the rising sun from the temporarily built ghats. People also performed Chhath Puja in Delhi, Mumbai and other big cities, amid the restrictions imposed to stop the coronavirus.

However, the effect of coronavirus has also been seen on Chhath Puja. Many people walked miles to Chhath at Gangaghat in Patna, but this time the number of people there was less than the rest of the year. Chhath Puja is very important in Bihar and Purvanchal and it is celebrated with full enthusiasm and cleanliness.

According to the news agency PTI-language, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar offered ‘Asthachalagami Surya’ at his official residence on Friday. Since assuming the post of Chief Minister 15 years ago, Nitish has been following the tradition of giving arghya. Every year, Nitish, who goes to the Ganga Ghat riding a steamer and meets Vratis there, is at his home this year and worshiped by putting on a mask.

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