Chacha started trending after chaat fight in Baghpat uttar pradesh


#Chacha started trending after chaat fight in Baghpat, UP

New Delhi:

A video of a market in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, is becoming very viral on social media, in which one chatter is confronted by another chatter and after that there is a fierce fight between two groups. There were many people in this whole fight, but an uncle became very famous due to his hairstyle, not only that, after the video went viral, uncle’s craze increased so much after which #Chahcha started trending. Let us tell you that Kamal Khan, executive editor of NewsBust, has shared a video on his Twitter account. In this video people were fiercely lathing on each other.

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Actually, the whole matter is that in Baghpat, one chaat wale called a customer of another chaat. Then what was left. War broke out for licking a leaf. The police have arrested 8 people. In this way, due to calling the customer who came to eat the chaat at his shop, this war broke out between the sellers of the chaat and no one spared each other. On this video, Bollywood actress Richa Chadha reacted by sharing this video, ‘People claim that crime is being portrayed in a city in a fictional show by portraying the wrong image of their city. I wish we were as angry about reality as we are about imagination. It is true, many things are disturbing in this.


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