Central govts U-turn in Delhi HC over namaaz at Markaz


The Delhi Waqf Board has told the Delhi High Court that it will be difficult to prepare a list of only 200 people …

A day after Ramadan allowed Namazis to visit Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi, the central government reversed its stand and told the Delhi High Court that the new laws applicable in the capital Disaster management regulations All types of religious congregations have been banned.

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This case last year in the country at that time Coronavirus It was beginning, after the case registered regarding the mobilization of Tabligi Jamaat, which has been closed since then, is connected to the bungalow mosque located in Nizamuddin, South Delhi.

The High Court is hearing the plea of ​​the Delhi Waqf Board, seeking relaxation within the ban imposed on offering prayers within Markaz. On Monday, the court reacted sharply to the Centre’s statement in which it said that out of a list of 200 people verified by the police, only 20 people would be allowed to perform prayers within Markaz at a time.

The court questioned the Center amid questions arising over the gathering of thousands of people during the Mahakumbh in Haridwar, “In your notifications, have you banned the gathering of more than 20 people at religious places … ? “

The court also asked the central government to file affidavit regarding its new approach to ban all religious, political, educational, social and sports-related gatherings.

The Delhi Waqf Board has told the court that it will be difficult to prepare a list of only 200 people. The court said that the mosque also does not have to fix a certain number, if any other religious places of worship do not do so. The court said, “The list of 200 people is not acceptable … cannot be …”

Yesterday, the central government changed its logic and referred to the guidelines of the Delhi Disaster Management Act, which prohibits all religious gatherings. This rule only applies in Delhi.


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