Center may announce 20,000 Crore rupee Emergency Covid Response Preparedness Package | Government may give a package of Rs 20,000 crore to increase the facilities related to the treatment of Kovid

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  • Center May Announce 20,000 Crore Rupee Emergency Covid Response Preparedness Package

New Delhi18 minutes ago

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With the slowing down of the second wave of corona in the country, the third wave is predicted to arrive. Experts say that during September-October, there may be a third wave of corona in the country. According to reports, the central government may announce an emergency covid response package of 20 thousand crores to stop the third wave of corona. According to a senior government official, preparations are being made in advance to prevent a possible wave.

Health and finance ministries are preparing

Quoting sources, it has been said in the news that the Ministry of Health and Finance is preparing this package together. This package will be announced after getting the approval of the cabinet. The entire focus of this package will be on increasing the facilities of Kovid dedicated treatment. This includes increasing the number of beds in hospitals, strengthening procurement of essential medical equipment and medicines, improving national and state health infrastructure and setting up more laboratories-testing centres.

Preparations due to third wave warnings

It has been said in the news that the government has started this preparation after the warning of the third wave of Corona and the Delta Plus variant came to the fore. The Delta Plus variant has been declared dangerous by the government. Currently, cases of this variant have been reported in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Kerala. The Center has asked the state governments to doubly speed up the measures, testing and vaccination to prevent Kovid. According to sources, the announcement to be made in this package will be implemented by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. A major part of the package amount can be given to ICMR and other institutions.

15 thousand crore package was given last year

The Central Government had announced a package of Rs 15,000 crore in April last year for the improvement of health infrastructure in the fight against Corona. About 50% of this amount has been spent in the fight against Kovid. Whereas preparations have been made to help with 50% amount for the next four years. This fund has been used for setting up of diagnostic labs and ensuring supply of PPE kits.

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