CBSE board asks schools to conduct re-exam for 9th and 11th failed students – CBSE orders schools to re-organize exams for unsuccessful students of 9th and 11th


CBSE gave instructions to schools to conduct 9th and 11th class exams again.

new Delhi:

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made important announcements for the students of 9th and 11th class. CBSE has issued a notice to all its schools saying that students of class 9th and 11th have failed in the exam, provide them an opportunity to re-appear in the exam. According to a notice issued by CBSE on May 13, this opportunity should have been given to all students, even if they had got this opportunity earlier. The board says that they have received information that some schools are not following the CBSE decision and are not giving unsuccessful students of 9th and 11th another chance to pass the exam.

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CBSE in its new notice said, "The board has received information that the schools are being misled to say that until the case of LPA No. 154 of 2020, Rukmini Devi Public School vs. CBSE in the High Court of Delhi Till then, there is no need for the schools to comply with the notification dated 13.05.2020. Therefore, the schools are not providing an opportunity to the failed students of class 9th and 11th to appear in the examination again. "

In its new notice, CBSE has said that during the hearing, the Delhi High Court did not cancel the notification of May 13. The board says that schools can conduct online / offline / innovative tests for students and can release the students' results based on the test conducted.

CBSE Board has left the 10th and 12th exams of Cansil

On 26 June, CBSE gave a decision before the court to cancel the exams of 10th and 12th. Simultaneously, CBSE presented the scheme of assessment process for issuing the result before the court, after which the Supreme Court also approved the scheme of cancellation of CBSE's 10th and 12th examination and issuing the result. Granted Explain that the board will release the results of the students for the pending examinations based on the exam conducted and the internal assessment. The result of CBSE 10th and 12th board examinations will be released by July 15.


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