Causes of Low BP: Here Are 5 Big Reasons For Low Blood Pressure, See This Change In Your Body, Your Blood Pressure Is Very Low | Symptoms of low blood pressure


The causes of low blood pressure can range from dehydration to serious medical disorders. It is necessary to try effective remedies for such low blood pressure. In addition, it is important to find out what is causing your low blood pressure so that it can be treated.

Identify low blood pressure symptoms like this. Identify Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

1. Dizzy head: This problem is often due to low blood pressure. You should not ignore it.

2. Fainting: Many people have a problem of unconsciousness due to low BP. If you see this symptom in yourself, then understand that your blood pressure is reduced.

3. Blurred vision: It can also affect your eyesight when there is low blood pressure.

4. Nausea: Although nausea is not caused by low blood pressure every time, but at times this symptom may indicate low BP.

Low blood pressure: The problem of low blood pressure sometimes indicates nausea.

5. Fatigue: If you are often feeling tired without any work or hard work, then it can be a symptom of low BP.

6. Difficulty focusing: It can be difficult to catch this symptom at times, as difficulty concentrating can be due to many reasons.

7. Confusion: This sign also sometimes indicates blood pressure. This should not be ignored.

8. Cold and Dry Skin: Although there can be many other reasons for this, but if you are feeling this again and again, your blood pressure may be lowered.

9. Acute and shallow breathing: Many times, due to low blood pressure problem, the speed of breath can change.

10. Weak pulse: If your pulse is getting weak then one of the reasons for this can be your low blood pressure as well.

These are due to low blood pressure. These Cause To Low Blood Pressure

Pregnancy: During pregnancy the circulatory system spreads rapidly and as a result blood pressure levels may decrease.

Heart problems: Some heart problems can cause low BP such as low heart rate, problems in heart valves, heart attack etc.


Endocrine problems: Parathyroid disease, adrenal insufficiency, low blood sugar, etc. can sometimes cause low blood pressure.

Dehydration: Prolonged dehydration can cause weakness, fatigue, and dizziness between us.

Improper diet: Due to deficiency of vitamin B12, folate, iron etc. we can suffer from anemia due to low amount of red blood cells and it can cause low blood pressure.

Low BP Risk Factors Low BP Risk Factors

Age: Age plays a big role in most cases of low blood pressure.

Medications: Low BP can be consumed with the use of some medicines.


Some diseases: Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and some heart conditions are also responsible for low BP.

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