Caught on Camera: UP policemen fire at car of BJP leader. He says conspiracy to kill – Imprisoned on camera: Police fired on BJP leader’s car, accused of leader, conspiracy to murder


BJP leader Ashwani Pawar alleged that the police also tortured them in the night by keeping them in custody …

In Shamli town of Uttar Pradesh, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader accused the police of trying to kill him when a team from the Special Operations Group (SOG) opened fire on his car last night, injuring a man happen. The BJP leader alleged that the police, who also tortured him in the night by keeping him in custody, were given money to kill him. Senior officials say that an inquiry has been ordered into the incident.

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BJP leader Ashwani Pawar, resident of Elum town in Shamli district, was going to Delhi-Saharanpur in a car with some people when the SOG team opened fire on the car. It can be seen in the CCTV footage that the car slowed down and eventually stopped on the road, and then policemen dressed in plain veneer surrounded the car. The car escaped quickly after a few moments. SOGs in Uttar Pradesh are actually district-level police teams, which are made to fight high-level crimes.

Pawar told reporters, “My children were insisting on eating in the restaurant, so we went out … After filling the car in a car at a petrol pump, I realized that the card-swipe machine was my The car is left on the roof … So, I stopped and called the petrol pump attendant … that’s when I saw the SOG officers holding pistols coming towards the car … they started firing … I escaped by driving the car fast … By then he had fired 10-15 bullets … “


Manish Kumar, one of the four people present in the car along with Ashwani Pawar, was injured in the bullet, while three other bullets were also lodged in the car.

Pawar has alleged that the policemen later arrived at his house and took him to the police station on the orders of SOG commanding officer Jitendra Singh, where he was tortured all night. He also threatened to get caught in fake cases.

The BJP leader said, “By morning my supporters have reached there in large numbers, and then I was saved … They (policemen) have taken money from my rivals, and there was a conspiracy to kill me …”

Ashwani Pawar has demanded an inquiry into the matter.

Referring to the incident, Sukirti Madhav, Superintendent of Police (Superintendent of Police) of Shamli said, “The allegations are serious … We are considering all the facts, and we will take action based on what will come out after the investigation.” … ”


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