Cat Rescued From Ditch Safely But Falls Into Yet Another Ditch See Viral Video


The cat was trapped in the fabric, when pulled out, the animal did such a prank – see video

We have been living in unexpected times since 2020. With the Kovid-19 cases rising again, people fear that 2021 will not follow in the footsteps of 2020. However, the Internet is a strange place, and people manage to find humor during these. This time one such video is becoming increasingly viral (Viral Video). Where a Cat is being evicted from the cat (Cat Rescued From Ditch). But then she goes out and does such a prank, which leaves everyone shocked. Tech Mahindra MD and CEO CP Gurnani (MD and CEO at Tech Mahindra CP Gurnani) shared this funny video.

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It can be seen in the video that the cat gets trapped in the fabric. A person comes to rescue him. He takes the cat out through the bucket. As soon as it comes out, the cat falls into the second building. People were surprised to see this mischief.

While sharing the video, CP Gurnani wrote in the caption, ‘A video that explained 2020 and 2021 well.’

See Video:

Video added to the growing cases of Corona
After a terrible 2020, we expected 2021 to be better. But sadly, the cases have increased again. Governments in all states are implementing several guidelines to stop the spread of the virus. Therefore, our expectations for 2021 have not been fulfilled and this video awakens that feeling.

The video is being liked a lot and people have given such reactions in the comment section…

Well, we hope that things will get better soon. Hopefully, the 2021 video will not get stuck in a ditch like a cat.


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