Cat And Doggo Sitting By The Fire Together May Warm Your Heart Video Goes Viral


Dog and cat sitting near the oven in the bitter cold, watching the video, you will also say How Cute

Friendship between animals of different species is difficult. You must have seen dog and cat battles many times, but the video of a friendship between the two is becoming increasingly viral (Viral Video). In the bitter cold, the dog and cat can be seen sitting together near the oven (Cat and Dog Sitting By The Fire). They were sitting near the oven to take heat. The video was shared by Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda (IFS Officer Susanta Nanda).

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IFS officer Sushant Nanda shared this 15-second video on Twitter on January 8. While sharing the video, it wrote in the caption, ‘A video that warms ourselves and our hearts.’ Seeing this video will bring a smile to your face.

See Video:

This video has had more than 5 lakh views so far. Also, more than 10 thousand likes and more than thousand re-tweets have been done. Also given are fun reactions…



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