Caste equation was established to increase the Farmers’ movement


Gurnam Singh Chadhuni said that Dalits should install photographs of Sir Chhoturam and farmers in their homes, Ambedkar in their homes


The farmers’ organizations, which are agitating against the three agricultural laws of the Center, are trying to add more communities to give it more air. In this connection, a Kisan Mahapanchayat was organized at Barwala in Hisar district of Haryana. This mahapanchayat of farmers was about Dalits. It is now the effort of the farmers’ organizations that the Dalit people should also be linked to it through mahapanchayats to bow down to the government. So that this farmer movement can be widely extended throughout the country. Indian Farmers Union (BKU) chief Gurnam Singh Chadhuni took part in the Kisan Mahapanchayat held in Barwala on Saturday.

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Let us tell that, twenty percent of the population of Haryana is of scheduled castes. At the Mahapanchayat, Chadhuni called for greater harmony between farmers and Dalits. During this time a resolution was also passed, in which farmers were asked to keep a picture of Dalit icon Dr. BR Ambedkar in their homes. At the same time, Dalits were asked to keep a picture of Sir Chhoturam. During this, Chadhuni said, “Our fight is not only against the government but also against the capitalists. The government has been dividing us till date, sometimes in the name of caste or sometimes in the name of religion. You all should understand this conspiracy of the government. ”He said that to strengthen the mutual brotherhood, our Dalit brothers should put a photo of Sir Chhoturam in their homes and Kisan Bhai in their homes.

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While addressing the mahapanchayat, Chadhuni appealed to the farmer leaders not to organize such a mahapanchayat in Haryana and Punjab. He said, “The farmers of Punjab and Haryana are aware of the agricultural laws. The farmers here are aware. But the farmers of other states are not aware of the agricultural laws. Now there is a need to focus on the farmers of other states. “The farmer leader said,” The workers must understand that the fight against the three agricultural laws is not just for the farmers. The farmers will do their work, but the working class will get the most of it. There will be more damage. Therefore, I will request the working class to contribute more. ” Along with this, he asked his supporters not to vote for BJP-backed candidates in the upcoming panchayat elections.

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