canada tibetan youth congress protest against china raise slogans in support of india outside chinese consulate – Canada slogans amid tension from India and China


Outside the Chinese Embassy in Canada, Tibetans shouted slogans.

Special things

  • Tibetans protest in Canada against China
  • Slogans in support of Indian Army
  • Demand to liberate Tibet also arose

Toronto Canada:

In the midst of the ongoing tensions between India and China, a Tibetan group in Canada demonstrated against China and engaged in support of the Indian Army. The Tibetan Youth Congress thanked the Indian Army in this demonstration in Toronto. In this, slogans were also raised to liberate Tibet. Right from April, there was a dispute over the rights over territory in East Ladakh in China and India which turned into serious tension after the violent clash between the two countries on the night of 15 June. India lost 20 jawans in this skirmish, while according to army sources it was found that a Chinese colonel had died, while in it 43 soldiers were also killed.

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According to this video shared by news agency ANI, the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of Toronto has demonstrated in front of the Chinese Consulate located here. During this demonstration, slogans like 'Tibet stands with India' (Tibet is with India) and 'Thank you Indian Army' (Thank you Indian Army) were raised.

Slogans like 'Free Tibet' (liberate Tibet) were also raised in this demonstration against China. A large number of people were seen in this demonstration.

Let us know that after that clash with the Chinese soldiers, many countries like America, France and Britain paid tribute to the soldiers and said that they are hoping that the two countries will negotiate and settle the dispute. The border dispute was being negotiated between the two countries before the clash, which has been continued even after this. The talks are to be held at the Corps Commander level between the two countries on Tuesday itself.

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Video: Chinese intrusion into Indian territory up to 423 meters inside Galvan


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