Can COVID-19 vaccine make you infertile? Health minister Harsh Vardhan busts some myths for you – can anyone get corona from vaccine? What does the health minister say on such myths


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new Delhi:

Before the Corona virus vaccination campaign, scheduled to begin on Saturday, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Thursday tried to clear the doubts related to the vaccine through twitter. Does the vaccine increase corona virus infection or cause problems like infertility? By posting several graphics on Twitter, the minister tried to clear doubts like these. She said in a tweet, “There is no scientific evidence that #COVIDVaccine can cause infertility in men or women. Please do not ignore such rumors or information from unverified sources.”

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In another tweet, the minister said, “You cannot get infected with the virus by getting the Corona vaccine, you should not be confused with the temporary side effects of the vaccine like mild fever.”

After vaccination, some people may have side effects such as mild fever, pain at the site of teak and body ache. These are the same side effects as other vaccines.



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