Now buyers can invite sellers or service provides on GeM portal

GeM Portal Buyers & Sellers

Government’s online marketplace for bidding of tenders and goods/services , called GeM portal of Government e-Marketplace, has recently got an update. In the new feature, a buyer can also invite a seller or service provider if they are not yet on the GeM portal.

Earlier, only those sellers were able to know about the new opportunities on the GeM portal who were already registered. Also, a buyer didn’t have the option to buy from his/her preferred seller since the seller was not available on the platform.

However, this new update helps a lot. It not only creates an option to expand the seller list but also makes the whole process on GeM portal transparent.

How does a buyer invite sellers on the GeM portal?

  • The buyer first needs to open their GeM portal account.
  • Then, they need to navigate to My Account section.
  • They’ll find the new Invite Seller option there.

From there, any buyer can send an invitation online for free.

How does one use GeM portal as a buyer?

  • First, they need to go to the GeM login page.
  • There, they’ll find an online registration form for buyers.
  • Fill the form and then create their login credentials from the portal.
  • Use the login details to login into the GeM portal.
  • Once they log in, they can post their requests or choose service from available sellers.

New authentication process by NIC for buyers

Now, buyers will also have to authenticate through NIC LDAP at the time of registration and login. New integration with NIC has made it compulsory for buyers to authenticate.


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