Butterfly Trying To Disguise Itself Goes Viral On Social Media See Viral Video


A leaf lying on the ground suddenly became a butterfly, then started flying in the air

Everyone is fond of butterflies sitting on flowers in childhood. Children keep looking for when they find a butterfly and they catch it. Because butterflies are as beautiful to see as they are delicate. Sometimes butterflies break their wings while catching them and they cannot fly. But, seeing the video of a butterfly that is going viral on social media these days, you will also be confused.

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Many people are surprised to see this video going viral on social media. Actually, it is shown in this video that a leaf is lying on the ground and it suddenly becomes a butterfly. This is because of Camouflage. Also called cryptic colouration, is a defense mechanism or trick that animals and birds use to hide their presence. In this video going viral on social media, we can see Titli using this method.

Watch Video:

In this video you can see that a dry leaf is lying on the ground. When a person touches that leaf, suddenly it starts flying like a butterfly. But, did that leaf really turn into a butterfly as soon as it flew? So let us tell you that this is not a magic but a butterfly’s natural camouflage, which she uses to avoid the people around her and hide her identity. By becoming like a leaf, she tries to save her life from people.

This video going viral has been shared by Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw on Twitter. People are very much liking this video. People are sharing this video with each other, as well as commenting a lot on it. People are surprised to see the act of changing the form of a butterfly like this.


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