Burmese python was rescued from Borghat Chapanala area in Nagaon district


The man devised a trick to catch the dragon

These days the video of a Burmese python is becoming very viral on social media. Let me tell you that this video is from Borghat Chapanala area of ​​Nagaon district where a Burmese python was rescued. Later it has been abandoned in the Swang Reserve Forest. But the funniest thing in this video was the way to catch the dragon. You can see in this video that a big dragon is crawling on the ground when a person comes and puts a snake-holding stick near the mouth of the dragon and imprisons it comfortably inside the sack and later he finds the farce reserve forest I go and leave.

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As you can see in this video, people are standing around the python, but the only person comfortably grabs such a big dragon without the help of any other person. Let me tell you that the news agency ANI has tweeted this video containing python, after which it started going viral on social media. People are seen commenting variously on this video, as well as the way in which the boy has caught the dragon in this video, people are very much liked.

Let me tell you that this video has been viewed more than 31 thousand times so far. At the same time, over 100 retweet and more than 900 likes have come on this video so far. Not only this, people are also making fun comments on this video. One user commented and wrote, Wow, great. At the same time, another user commented.


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