British government warns Premier League clubs to follow social distancing rules, Hungary grand prix organizers said people will get jail term if they break rules | British government warns Premier League clubs, Hungary says rule will break if jail


  • In Hungary Grandpri Formula-1 race, if social distancing is not followed, a fine of Rs 13 lakh can be imposed.
  • The Premier League began in England as part of a project re-start in England on June 17, but the players were not following the rules.
  • England-Windies First Test match also did not follow social distancing, players were seen high five

Daily newspaper

Jul 14, 2020, 11:27 AM IST

The game has returned after three months. Rugby, baseball, football, cricket, mixed martial arts as well as Formula-1 events have started. But rules are breaking in the meantime. Players are not following social distancing.

The Premier League began on 17 June as part of a project re-start in England. But during the water break and goal celebration, the players are not seen following the rule. Now all the 20 clubs of the Premier League have been warned by the British Government that the players, coaches are not following the rules while celebrating water breaks and goals.

Even coaches are not following social distancing

The coaches are also approaching the players during the break and explaining to them. They should improve their habits. They are presenting wrong examples in front of fans. If the coach has to talk to the player during the break, try differently.

Hungarian Grandpri fined 1.3 million
The Hungarian Grandpri Formula-1 race is scheduled for Sunday. The government there has ordered Formula One drivers and teams to strictly follow the social distancing rule. If they do not do so, it can be as long as a jail sentence. Also, there may be a fine of Rs 13 lakh.

England-Windies players stand together in first test, patted on back
England-Windies first test match also did not follow social distancing. Whenever the captain of the Windies team, Jason Holder, used DRS, the team players were seen standing together, making high fives and patting each other on the back. Whereas the ICC said in the guidelines that players and umpires should follow social distancing at all times.

Players should maintain a distance of one and a half meters during training. Celebrate such celebrations in which social distancing is followed.


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