Britain, Brazil, South Africa and now Indias Corona variant becomes a matter of concern: WHO – after Britain, Brazil, South Africa, now India’s Corona variant becomes a concern: WHO


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Coronavirus epidemic in India has caused havoc. More than 3 lakh corona cases have been coming up in the country daily since the last fortnight. Meanwhile, on Monday, the World Health Organization (WHO) has given a shocking statement about the Kovid-19 variant spreading in India. The WHO said that the corona variant spreading in India appears to be contagious. Not only this, it has been classified in the “concern” category.

The WHO said that the B.1.617 variant of Kovid-19 was first found in India last October. This variant is more easily spread than the original variant of the virus and possibly has greater immunity to the vaccine.

WHO scientist Maria Van Kerkov working on Kovid-19 said that the infection of the B.1.617 variant of the corona is spreading rapidly, information is available. He said, “We are classifying it as a matter of concern globally, further updates will be given regarding this in the weekly meeting of WHO on Kovid-19 on Tuesday.”

India, one of the countries most affected by the epidemic in the world, has reported about 3,70,000 new corona cases on Monday. More than 3700 people lost their lives due to this.

The devastating wave has shaken the health system of the country. According to experts, the official figures of Corona are coming out now, it is very less compared to the actual number.


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