Brinda Karat to NewsBust, rape victim is not a robot, someone else is holding the remote control of


He has questioned the comments made by the Supreme Court in these cases. Speaking to NewsBust on this issue, Vrinda Karat said, the main question is if the judiciary outlines such a mentality that if the rapist marries the ‘victim’, he will not be arrested, then it is not true. is.

Vrinda Karat said that if the justice process is not ‘Victim-centric’ and you are giving a ‘Choice’ to the rapist to rape, but get married now, the question arises whether there is no feeling of Victim. This is a gross injustice. Vrinda Karat said that there is a mentality in our society that Victim is repeatedly Victimized. This is a comment that raises the judicial process head-on, it will have a bad effect.

The CPM politburo member said that the rapist should rape and then say, we will get married, what is this. The CJI should take back its comment, this reinforces the crime. According to Vrinda Karat, you are saying that keep a marriage certificate and then whatever you can do, it is very wrong.

Vrinda Karat said that in the Bhanwari Devi case, comments like ‘a Dalit woman cannot rape a high caste person’ have also been made in the past. The CPI (M) leader said that there is a need for sensitivity towards women. Social understanding is backward. There is a mentality of not making public the violence that happens in homes, it is said to women that tolerance is your sign. The rape victim was called a ‘living corpse’, but the reality is that she is alive, and you are trying to make her a corpse. He is being told to get married, but never asks the girl what do you want?

Significantly, in the case of rape on a government official in Maharashtra, the Supreme Court recently said that it can help the person accused of rape to marry the victim. Later the court said that we cannot force the petitioner to marry her. The CJI had told the petitioner’s lawyer in this case, “If you want to get married, we can help you and if not, you will have to lose your job and go to jail. You have molested, raped the girl “You are a government employee, you should know the result …”

Although it was asked on the basis of the facts of this case, but the CJI said during the hearing itself that he was not saying all this, as the accused would later say that the Supreme Court forced marriage. He had said that the accused himself should decide what he has to do.

Actually, the accused said in the petition that the victim had alleged that the accused was raping her since she was studying in school. Later, when the victim along with her mother went to the police to complain, the accused’s mother requested that she not file a complaint, as she confessed to the son’s crime, and also promised to make the victim her daughter-in-law. Are ready for. It is also alleged that on June 2, 2018, a notary was signed with the notary that when the victim turns 18, she will be married, but later the mother of the accused refused, due to which a complaint was lodged. For this reason, the CJI made the said comment.


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