bridegroom wear bandages in place of clothes on the wedding people gave funny reactions see viral photo


The bridegroom showed the bandages draped in place of clothes on the wedding stage

At the wedding, the bride and groom wear new clothes. The groom wears a suit, kurta pajama or sherwani and the bride wears a lehenga or sari. But, have you seen any groom who is wearing bandages and bandages all over his body instead of clothes at his wedding? Actually, such pictures of a bride are becoming viral on social media, which everyone is surprised to see. This is the case of Indonesia, where the groom was seen wearing only shorts on stage at the wedding. Even more surprising is that straps and bandages were visible on the groom’s entire body instead of cloth.

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At the same time, the bride along with the groom appeared in the entire traditional outfit. According to the news, the groom had an accident a few days before the wedding, due to which he was very hurt and due to this, the groom only wore shorts at the wedding. Was At the same time, after the photo went viral, a lot of people said in the comment that what was the wedding so soon. The marriage could have taken place after some time.

These pictures of the wedding were shared on social media on April 2 by a user named @ br0wski. On which more than 14 thousand likes have come so far. At the same time, people are also making many comments on the photo. In the photo you can see that the bride and groom are sitting on the stage. The groom is wearing only shorts and has many bandages and bandages tied over his body.


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