Breaking Madhya Pradesh Minister Imrati Devi uttered words; Bid – the collector who will say he will win the seat, later reversed, Congress said – want to win the election on the strength of power | Minister Imrati Devi said – The collector whom he says will win the seat; Congress wants to win elections on power

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  • Breaking Madhya Pradesh Minister Imrati Devi Uttered Words; Bid The Collector Who Will Say He Will Win The Seat, Later Reversed, Congress Said Want To Win The Election On The Strength Of Power

Bhopal18 minutes ago

When the video of Imarti Devi's statement went viral, the Congress has said that a complaint will be made to the Election Commission.

  • Pro-Scindia pro-Imrati Devi left Congress to join BJP in March
  • Bolin- Congress needs to win 27 seats to form government, we need only 8

Political rhetoric is intensifying as the assembly by-election in Madhya Pradesh draws to a close. The video of Imrati Devi, Jyotiraditya Scindia's closest and minister in the Shivraj government, has come under controversy. During the election campaign, she is saying that the collector we will call will give the seat. It is being told that the video is from Wednesday. Imarti went in the promotion of a candidate. On the other hand, the Congress has said that the election commission will be complained about.

Imrati Devi is the Minister of Women and Child Development in the Shivraj government. He also had the same portfolio in the 15-month-old Kamal Nath government.

Now turned back on the statement, said – public confidence and votes will be found
On Thursday, Imrati Devi was overturned by her statement. The question averted when asked. Said – Right now there is no code of conduct. We are contesting elections in the name of development. People trust the BJP and we will get votes. He claimed that all our comrades who left the Congress will win the election.

What did Emirati say?
In the video, she is seen performing a street corner. They say that in the by-election we need 8 seats to save the government. Whereas Congress needs 27 seats to form the government. Now tell me that the Congress will win all the 27 seats and will the power-government keep sitting with its eyes closed? There is so much power in the government that if we tell the collector that he wants this seat, then he gets the seat.

Congress bid – want to win byelection on power
Congress leader Narendra Saluja said that the minister's words show that the BJP wants to win this election on the strength of power. In this way, efforts are being made to influence the election. We will complain to the Election Commission with this video. The Election Commission itself should take it seriously.



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