Breaking Kamal Nath said in the meeting held in Imrati Dabra – you guys had to warn me beforehand, what is this item, video viral | Former CM said in the election meeting – you people had to warn in advance what this item is; Reversal of Shivraj – Congress told feudal thinking

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  • Breaking Kamal Nath Said In The Meeting Held In Imrati Dabra You Guys Had To Warn Me Beforehand, What Is This Item, Video Viral

Bhopal7 minutes ago

Congress state president and former chief minister Kamal Nath arrived in Dabra to meet in support of the party candidate. Here he avoided taking the direct name of BJP candidate and minister Imrati Devi.

The leaders are now launching personal attacks on each other in the electoral turmoil of Madhya Pradesh. On Sunday, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath addressed the minister Emrati Devi as an item in the Shivraj government in Dabra. Kamal Nath said – Our Raje (Congress candidate) is straightforward and simple. They are not like him. Why should I name him? So people said – Imarti Devi. Laughing at this, Kamal Nath said – you guys recognize him more than me. You should have warned me already. What an item it is. This video of the former Chief Minister’s speech has now gone viral.

Shivraj will sit silent on Monday in Bhopal

In Gwalior’s meeting, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan condemned Kamal Nath’s statement. Chief Minister said- Kamal Nath has done injustice. Insulted a daughter from Gwalior district. be ashamed of. In which direction are you taking politics? Shivraj said that he will sit silently in Bhopal from 10 am to 12 am on Monday. The former Chief Minister has committed a crime, the present Chief Minister will atone.

Shivraj’s tweet- Congress again exposed feudalist thinking

Raje has also given a controversial statement
Earlier, Congress candidate from Dabra, Suresh has also made objectionable remarks against Minister Imarti Devi. Its video also went viral. He had questioned the identity of the minister in a personal attack. He said that he has been doing politics for many years, but Imarti Devi should tell what is his base. Has just entered politics. We are relatives, but have nothing to do with that. After this, the female spokesperson of BJP became aggressive. He retaliated against the Congress and demanded a public apology.

Imarti Devi has also raised controversy
During campaigning, Imrati said in a street corner that in the by-election we need 8 seats to save the government. Whereas Congress needs 27 seats to form the government. Now tell me that the Congress will win all the 27 seats and will the power-government keep sitting with its eyes closed? There is so much power in the government that if you want to tell the collector that this seat is available. After this, the Congress also complained to the Election Commission.

Honorable skipping dignity in the by-election

In the by-election, the honorable ones have already crossed their limits. In his statement, Congress leader Dinesh Gurjar called Shivraj Singh naked. BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya has also addressed Kamal Nath and Digvijay as Chunnu-Munnu. Congress leader Sajjan Verma has told Kailash Vijayvargiya even to heresy and Ravana.

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