Brahmarakshas 2 Nikki Sharma aka Kalindi does 108 Suryanamaskars every morning


Brahmarakshas 2: Kalindi of ‘Brahmarakshas 2’ keeps herself fit like this

new Delhi:

Brahmarakshas 2: Kalindi aka Nikki Sharma of ‘Brahmarakshas 2’ TV serial has revealed the secret of her fitness. Nikki Sharma has told that her fitness routine involves doing Surya Namaskar 108 times every morning. Before getting the role of Kalindi in Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas 2, actress Nikki Sharma started practicing yoga asanas at home and whenever she got time, she used to run. Even after starting the shooting, this actress never stopped doing Surya Namaskar despite her busy schedule, even if she was on set. Starting from 20 asanas daily, he has now increased its number to 100 and now he has become proficient in it.


About this, ‘Brahmarakshas 2’ actress Nikki Sharma said, ‘I do not tolerate lectos and therefore I need to stay fit. Due to my busy schedule, I do not get time to do workouts everyday, but I think that by doing Surya Namaskar every day, you can work almost as much as one hour of workouts. Although it was difficult to learn in the beginning, but I love to exercise and stay fit, that’s why I never wanted to lose hope. I kept practicing continuously until it became easy for me and then I realized that it is not very difficult to do Surya Namaskar 108 times. Of course now I want to gradually increase this number.

These actresses may be in good health, but everything is not going well with their character Kalindi. Despite falling in love with Angad (Pearl V. Puri) in this show, Kalindi is going to marry Madan (Neil Motwani), only so that she can fight the war against the Brahmarakshas. Will Angad be able to stop them in time?


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