Booha Shree Brar Esha Gupta Mankirt Aulakh Song Trending On Youtube Video Viral


‘Booha’ song is trending on youtube

Special things

  • Mr. Brar’s ‘Booha’ Song Released
  • Number one song from Lyrics to music
  • Fans also liked ‘Booha’ song very much

new Delhi :

The famous singer of Punjab, Shree Brar, has left no stone unturned to win the hearts of the people with his singing. His songs are often seen on YouTube and social media too. Recently, one of his songs ‘Booha’ has been released, which has once again made a splash on the YouTube platform. In this song, along with Lyrics, music and singing are also worth winning the fans. In the video, Esha Gupta (Esha Gupta) is seen with Mr. Brar, as well as Punjab’s famous singer Mankirt Aulakh.

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This song by Shree Brar and Esha Gupta has been seen more than 5 million times so far, with fans also commenting on it. So far, the song has been liked more than 1 lakh 28 thousand times. It is seen in the video that Isha Gupta falls in love with a boy, but he leaves the actress unhappy over something. Distressed by this, the whole day of Isha Gupta passes away crying. But then that boy sees Isha Gupta crying in the dargah and praying. However, by the time he comes to Isha Gupta with a relationship, Mankirt Aulakh has already entered his life, after which he goes back with moist eyes.

Chemistry fans of Shree Brar and Esha Gupta are also very much liked, as well as the style of Mankirat Aulakh in the song. Along with singing this song, its lyrics have also been written by Mr. Brar. At the same time, the music of Song has been given by Jatinder Shah. The song has been composed under the banner of PB Studio and has been produced by Parwar Nishan Singh and Harjinder Brar. Fans Music, Lyrics and Singing are praising everyone about the song. Seeing the reaction of the fans, it can be said that it has really won their hearts.


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