body sensor that monitor COVID patients vital signs remotely and alert them if they need to go to a hospital | Scientists made a ‘patch’, apply it on the chest and see the oxygen level and heart rate in the mobile; Doctors will take care of patients from the hospital

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  • Body Sensor That Monitor COVID Patients Vital Signs Remotely And Alert Them If They Need To Go To A Hospital

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  • University of Chicago and digital medicine startup PhysIQ teamed up to create a patch
  • Said, sends alerts to doctors when the level of oxygen in the body falls

American scientists have developed a special type of sensor that will help corona patients to monitor symptoms while sitting at home. The sensor has been converted into a special kind of patch. Which the patient puts on the chest. The patch is connected to a mobile device, so that the oxygen level and heart rate can be seen on the screen in real time.

Doctors will be able to alert before the condition worsens
This sensor has been developed jointly by the University of Chicago in the US and digital medicine startup PhysIQ. This sensor is equipped with Artificial Intelligence.

According to research, with the help of this sensor, the patient can be looked after by a doctor sitting in a distant hospital. When changes are seen in the body, they alert the patient before the condition worsens. They can be admitted to the hospital on time. With this, patients will avoid unnecessary overcrowding and will also reduce the risk of worsening of the condition due to increasing infection.

This is how the sensor patch works
According to the report, this sensor patch was given to every patient involved in the research. It has a pulse oximeter and sensor. The sensor is connected to the Bluetooth present in the mobile phone. Changes in oxygen or heart rate can be seen on the mobile. If there is a mistake in this, a message is sent to the doctors.

The patient got an alert when the condition worsened
Angela Mitchell, 59, is a pharmacy technician by profession. Angela got infected with Corona in July 2020. He was isolated and this patch was applied.

Angela says, after being in isolation for two nights, there was trouble in breathing. When he woke up in the morning, he had trouble breathing. When I went to the bathroom to take a shower, I started sweating. In such a condition, she sat in the bathroom itself. Then the phone rang. Got a call from the hospital that his condition was being monitored. The doctors advised him to be admitted to the emergency immediately.

When Angela did not reach the hospital, the doctor’s call came again the next day. It was told that if she could not come to the hospital, an ambulance would be sent to pick her up. On being admitted to the hospital, it was found that his oxygen level had dropped to a critical level.

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