Body Rots at Indore MSY Hospital Mortuary, Kept On Stretcher For 11 Days – Hall of MP's large hospital – Skeleton became a dead body on a stretcher for 11 days


Special things

  • Dead body lying on stretcher for 11 days, became skeleton
  • The condition of the largest government MY hospital in Indore
  • 21-22 dead bodies coming daily in the mortuary of this hospital


In Madhya Pradesh's Indore, the largest government hospital, Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital, has reported a case of misdemeanor, in which the corpse placed on a stretcher in Morchuri became a skeleton. This unclaimed corpse lay in the mortuary for 11 days. This caused the corpse to rot and only the skeleton survived. The hospital is now investigating this case and is saying strict action against the culprits.

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Hospital Superintendent Dr. PS Thakur said that we keep the unidentified body for a week. The Municipal Corporation was called for the funeral of this unclaimed dead body or not. He said that notice has also been given to the incharge of Morchauri. Action will be taken immediately if someone's negligence comes to the fore.

MY Hospital is the largest government hospital in the state. Indore is the district most affected by Corona. Hospital management says that 21-22 corpses are coming to their morgue daily, while only 16 freezers are present there. In this regard, Dr. Thakur also said that we have limited resources. We have written several letters in front of the administration many times to get a freezer.

In fact, on Tuesday, when there was a lot of smell in the hospital premises, when someone removed the sheet from the stretcher, a gruesome picture of the hospital's arrangements with the body was also revealed. The corpse was rotten and only the skeleton was left. The body was removed immediately after the matter surfaced. In July too, due to the chaos, one family cremated another corpse in place of their son.

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