Bodies of COVID-19 Victims Dumped In Pit In Karnataka – Humanities in Karnataka, dead bodies of corona patients thrown in pit


Bodies of eight corona victims thrown into two pits

Special things

  • A case of throwing eight dead bodies in two pits
  • Death was due to coronavirus
  • Karnataka Chief Minister declared it inhuman


Photographs have surfaced in Bellary, Karnataka, that have been strangling humanity. Due to Corona, a disturbing case has come of people who have lost their lives, wrapped in plastic and thrown into the pit. It is believed that he died due to corona. It is being told that about 8 bodies have been dumped in two pits. Bellary deputy commissioner SS Nakula said that the protocol has been followed in the final action of dead bodies but the "humanitarian" aspect has been ignored. The Bellary administration has ordered an inquiry into the case.

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SS Nakula said, "We are investigating in this case. If you watch the video, the bodies have been properly packed. We need to look at the human aspect in this matter. That is why we investigated We are going. We need to create awareness among people about the proper disposal of dead bodies. "

He said, "This is not correct on humanitarian grounds. All the people should have been cremated separately. We will investigate and take appropriate action."

According to the news agency ANI, the field team involved in "improper disposal of dead bodies" has been removed and a specially trained team will be replaced. Not only this, the district administration has apologized to the relatives of those dead and the people who were hurt by this incident.

State Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa described such behavior of employees as "inhuman and traumatic". At the same time, all the employees have been urged that care should be taken during the last action of those who died of Corona virus and human aspect should be taken care of.

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Video: Karnataka: 8 bodies thrown in a pit in Bellary, corona died


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