Blackboard tied to bike, A Chhattisgarh Teacher Brings School to Students home


Rudra Rana teaching children through mohalla classes

new Delhi:

The 'passion' for teaching children of a government school teacher in Chhattisgarh's Korea district of Chhattisgarh state is receiving high praise from the people. Rudra Rana, a teacher of a government school in Korea district, has tied a blackboard to his bike and At this time of the Korana epidemic In place, they are giving education to children through 'mohalla classes'. Talking to news agency ANI, Rudra said, "Schools are closed in this era of corona epidemic and many students are unable to attend online classes due to lack of smartphones, thus taking 'school' to the children's home in my mind The idea of ​​educating them came up.

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He said that very few children were able to attend the online class here, in such a situation, we started the mohalla class. In such a situation this thought came to my mind. It also ensures the safety of teachers and students as both do not have contact. Since the students cannot go to school yet, in such a situation, I have taken education to the door of their house. He said, 'I have also kept blackboards, books and placards with me. I play the hours and the students go to study, just like a normal school. Students also pray, after that we start classes according to the syllabus.

Rudra Rana says, 'I travel from one region to another. I collect students and educate them on various topics besides the prevention of corona virus. Students are also coming forward showing interest in studies. Local people have also praised this initiative. Regarding the importance of these classes during the Corona era, a student craftsman said, 'We have a lot to learn from these classes. Sir comes and teaches us every day and we remove our 'knots' of studies. We are thoroughly enjoying this style of teaching. Another student Suraj says, 'Sir teach us, later we study on our behalf. We are missing school a lot, but this style of studying is also fantastic. It is as if we are in school '.

'Teacher Teacher' teaching children in Corona era


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