Black Fungus Injection And Ventilators In Madhya Pradesh Covid 19 Second Wave – Madhya Pradesh Government Accepted


A few days ago, as soon as patients were injected with black fungus in the government hospital of Jabalpur, shivering started, fever came and there was chaos. The same situation was also in the Bundelkhand Medical College of Indore and Sagar. Doctors said that from June 5, instead of liposomal amphotericin-B, lyophilized amphotericin-B injection was being given. Due to which the health of the patients deteriorated and then its use was stopped.

The condition of 27 patients deteriorated as soon as they were injected with black fungus, there was a stir in Bundelkhand Medical College

Dr Umesh Patel of Bundelkhand Medical College (BMC) Sagar said, ’40 patients are under treatment. Amphotericin injection was given to 27 patients, who were stopped after having an adverse reaction.

Doctors said that till now amphotericin-B, which costs between Rs 3,000 and Rs 7,000 per injection, was used for black fungus, but the government sent lyophilized amphotericin-B to government hospitals, which cost Rs 300 to Rs 700. is in between. However, knowledgeable doctors believe that the reason for the error in cheap injections is not following its protocol properly.

Dr SP Dubey, a member of the Black Fungus Task Force, said, ‘The toxin is more in lyophilizid, it has to be given for a long time. There are 3 types of drugs. Liposome, fat emulsion, comes in most plain 300, dosage is to be given less. First the patient should be hydrated. Should be given by infusion pump in 6-8 hours.

Let us inform that at present there are 1791 patients suffering from black fungus in the state. 135 patients have died. In the last 10 days alone, 87 patients have died. Free injections are being given to the patients of black fungus in the government hospitals of the state. The condition of more than 200 patients of four cities deteriorated due to cheap injections and their use was stopped.

Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang said, ‘Somehow, due to lack of second injection, there is no such thing. According to the guideline, injections are being given. Why the problem occurred, information will be taken. There was a problem with the stock, there was a problem with the brand, it will be known after investigation. Experts say that the government does not have enough injections. Senior advocate Naman Nagrath said, ‘34800 amphotericin have been found, 23000 poscazole has arrived, more than 1000 patients are being treated. Looking at them, this medicine is less. An application has been made in the High Court.

Black fungus: Injection of amphotericin-B given to 200 people, 80 patients shivering with cold

On the other hand, on May 11, NewsBust had told how the doctors of the government hospital themselves had written a letter saying that treatment with ventilators received from PM Care is difficult. How ventilators are eating dust in different divisions of the state. Now the government has given an affidavit in the High Court that when people were dying in the second wave, 204 ventilators were locked in coaches in medical colleges and hospitals across the state.

Naman Nagrath said, ‘More than 204 ventilators are kept in the store room, which the government says are kept in backup. 42 of PM Care are lying in Bhopal. 20 in Indore, which were not used in the second wave of Corona. 77 ventilators in Bhopal, 42 in 35 district hospitals are either not installed or have no staff to run PM Care. Although former Chief Minister Kamal Nath has demanded an inquiry regarding cheap injections of black fungus, the Division Bench of the High Court has asked the government why not audit the private hospitals of the state. The next hearing is on June 21 and we too are constantly working to bring forth the game of opportunity in disaster.

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