BJP may get 100 to 105, Congress 12 to 20, AAP may get 4 to 8 seats, Congress may lose seats in Patidar areas | BJP may get 100 to 105, Congress 12 to 20, AAP may get 4 to 8 seats, Congress may lose seats in Patidar areas

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  • BJP May Get 100 To 105, Congress 12 To 20, AAP May Get 4 To 8 Seats, Congress May Lose Seats In Patidar Areas

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In the Surat Municipal Corporation elections, this time the turnout was 47.14%. This is 7.21% higher than in 2015. -Symbolic Image

Voting was completed on Sunday for 120 seats in the 30 wards of the Surat Mahanagar Municipality in Gujarat. This time the turnout is 47.14%. This is 7.21% higher than in 2015. Increasing 8 to 10% turnout in Patidar areas is likely to raise prospects for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

If two senior journalists of the city who analyzed this election are to be believed, then this time the Congress may face a loss in comparison to the 2015 Manpa election. Congress may reduce 16 to 22 seats, BJP may increase 20 to 25 seats and AAP can get 4 to 12 seats from Patidar areas.

Opposition of the Congress on behalf of the Patidar Reservation Committee (PASS), giving AAP tickets to the Patidars and campaigning by keeping the same area in the center can bring pleasant results for it. The BJP also did a road show in Patidar areas. It is in BJP’s favor. However, it does not seem possible for the BJP to reach the target of 120 seats. You can open an account.

BJP will benefit from ward demarcation
Ward demarcation took place before the Manpa election. In this, the wards which had more number of Congress voters were divided. This had already reduced the chances of Congress. In 2015, there was resentment against the BJP in the Patidar areas due to the Anamat movement. The Congress had benefited from this and it managed to win 36 out of 116 seats.

However, apart from Varachha and Parvat Patia, the wards of Rander, Mughalisara, Anjana, Un, Limbayat, Bamroli and Amroli, which are considered as the original seats of the Congress, have also been divided into 2 to 3 pieces and joined to BJP-dominated seats. This time the pass is against the Congress. This has reduced his chances.

The number of Patidars in your organization is high, so expect
Senior journalist Naresh Varia said that the increase in polling in Patidar areas can benefit the Aam Aadmi Party. The Patidars dominate the Aam Aadmi Party in Surat. Patidars hold most of the posts from the city head. You can get 4 to 12 seats in Patidar areas. The Patidar youth who went to the Congress did not go to the BJP even then the BJP will benefit. Congress can get 12 to 16 seats, while BJP can get 100 to 105 seats.


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