BJP leader’s son drunkenly rammed car, hit many, chased 10 km from more than 25 vehicles | The son of a female BJP leader hit many with a drunken car; Escaped despite chasing for 10 km


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IndoreOne hour ago

At midnight on the streets of Indore, a high speed car created an atmosphere of fear. To stop him, about 25 people chased him on his bike, auto, but the car driver escaped.

In Indore, Faizan, son of BJP leader Firdaus Patel, fiercely raised terror in Azad Nagar at midnight on Tuesday. He kept running the car while drunk. During this time he hit several vehicles. Some people were injured by this. When the police chased him with people, he also hit the policemen. People chased Faizan for over 10 km in more than 25 trains. During this, he kept hitting the car at a high speed. Eventually the police could not catch him and he escaped. Search for him is going on.

Police followed the car with people for about 10 km.

After the incident, a large number of people reached Azad Nagar police station to write the report. The people present on the spot chased Faizan’s car (MP-09 CE-6481) when he accelerated. At the same time, policemen blocking the way were also hit. People followed him with more than 25 vehicles including bikes, Activa, autos. Irrespective of this, Faizan continued to run the car and he also hit many people on the way. At the Khajrana crossroads, he hit an Activa rider and escaped. This car is Ishaq Mo of Azad Nagar. Is registered in the name of Patel.

People tried to stop the car driver even while riding in an auto.

People tried to stop the car driver even while riding in an auto.

SP Ashutosh Bagri told that Faizan Patel has hit more than 6 people. He did a similar act in the Bombay Market area. A case has been registered against him. Information is being collected by extracting CCTV footage.

Fayyaz, who witnessed the whole incident, told that Faizan came running from the roundabout and hit whatever he saw on the way. Someone tried to escape, hitting them deliberately. He hit 10 to 12 people trying to catch him. Of these, 4 have suffered leg injuries. He has also damaged many rickshaws and bikes.

According to Fayyaz, seeing the car coming at a high speed, I saved my 5-year-old son by running. On this, the car rider tried to hit me by taking the car reverse. If I did not run at the right time, I would have lost my son. The accused lives in Madina Nagar and is addicted to drugs. He has done such an act in the past as well. After 15 to 20 minutes of terror in Azad Nagar, it has done the same thing in the Bombay market.


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