BJP is not a winning machine, it is a campaign to wining heart PM Modi on partys foundation day


Our specialty is to deliver the government’s plans to the person standing on the last rung: PM Modi

new Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that the BJP is not a machine to win elections, but an ongoing and sustained campaign to win the hearts of the countrymen and BJP governments mean nation building, right policy, clear intentions and accurate decisions. Addressing party workers through video conference on the occasion of BJP’s foundation day, Modi said that BJP means freedom from the politics of familism and good governance. Describing in detail the various welfare schemes being run by the central government, he said that earlier the performance criteria of the governments were based on its announcements but in the last few years this concept has changed and now the evaluation of the governments reach the ground of the central schemes Is happening from

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He said, “It has been the specialty of our government to extend the schemes of the government to the person standing on the last rung and to get their rights to the entitled. This has been the basic mantra of the functioning of BJP governments. ”Despite this, Modi said that when the BJP wins the election, it is called a machine to win elections, while others win, the party and its leaders are praised. He said, “We are seeing two such criteria.” Those who say that BJP is a machine to win elections, in a way they are unable to assess the maturity of India’s democracy, the understanding of the citizens of India. ”

He said, “The truth is that the BJP is not a machine to win elections, it is an uninterrupted, relentless campaign to win the hearts of the country and the countrymen.” We serve the public faithfully for five years. In every situation, we remain connected with the public. They live for the people. “The Prime Minister said that BJP governments mean the right policy, clear intention and accurate decision for nation building.” He said, “BJP’s government means nation first. The compromise is not with the interest of the country, but the security of the country is paramount. BJP means dynasty, freedom from dynastic politics, BJP means merit opportunity, transparency and good governance. BJP means everyone’s support, everybody’s development and everyone’s trust. ”

Modi said that today the BJP has become a symbol of unity in diversity and diversity in India. He said, “We are moving forward by adding every language, region, sect and all the countrymen.” Today the poor are also connected with the BJP, the middle class is also with us. We are in the city as well as in the village. BJP today is also a party of national interest and is also a party of regional aspirations. ”

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