BJP is like one-way traffic, you can come here but can’t go from here: Sushil Modi | Sushil Modi said- I may not be part of the Bihar government, but the soul resides in it

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  • BJP is like one way traffic, you can come here but can’t go from here: Sushil Modi

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Sushil Modi has always been close to Nitish. It is believed that the BJP has sent him to the Center this time against the likes of Nitish. – File photo

BJP has finalized the name of Sushil Modi from the vacant Rajya Sabha seat after the death of Ram Vilas Paswan, but the Bihar government is at his heart. Sushil Modi said on Sunday that I am not part of the BJP, but my soul resides within it.

In the previous NDA government of Bihar, Sushil Modi was the deputy CM. However, this time this task has not been assigned to him. The BJP has decided to send him to the Rajya Sabha. NewsBust India gave this news before Nitish was sworn in in Bihar.

As long as we are alive, BJP will not be weakened – Sushil Modi
Sushil Modi said one more thing on Sunday. He said that BJP is like one-way traffic. You can come in this, but you cannot go out. Anyone who has left the BJP has never lived in peace. As long as we are alive, we will never let our party weaken.

Many names were in discussion, but finalists were Sushil Modi
There was also talk of sending Shahnawaz Hussain from BJP for this seat. Apart from this, the name of Rituraj, son of senior leader RK Sinha, was also discussed. After all, BJP has made Sushil Modi its candidate. However, the BJP is sending Sushil Modi from Bihar to the Center against the likes of Nitish Kumar.

Sushil Modi was angry at not being made deputy CM. He did not refrain from expressing his displeasure. He had tweeted when there were reports that Sushil Modi would be sent to the Center. Wrote – I will fulfill whatever responsibility I get. The post of worker cannot be taken back.

RJD will also launch candidates
The RJD will also field its candidate in the Rajya Sabha elections. Though RJD has not announced any names yet, the names of party state president Jagdanand Singh and senior leader Abdul Bari Siddiqui are discussed. If the RJD enters the candidature, then voting will be done in the house.


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