Bird Flu: Giriraj Singh wrote to Kejriwal, said – why not listen to the centers advice – Bird Flu: Giriraj Singh wrote to Kejriwal, said – why did the Center not accept the advice


Animal Husbandry Minister of Central Government Giriraj Singh (File photo).

new Delhi:

Giriraj Singh (Union Minister for Animal Husbandry) Giriraj Singh Bird flu (Bird Flu) told NewsBust on the growing crisis that “I have written a letter to the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal on the issue of bird flu and asked that if the Central Government’s Advisory Delhi Had the government taken seriously, there would not have been a panic situation today. If there is any technical or scientific evidence, then decisions like closing of Ghazipur market should be taken. Poor farmers and farmers growing maize are being greatly affected by such decisions. ”

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He said that “If there is scientific evidence, then decide, if there is no scientific evidence, then think about this decision because it has an effect in the radius of 500 km around Delhi and around.” The farmers who grow maize are having a very bad effect. Maize farmers were already badly affected by the corona virus, now the price of maize is falling once again due to this crisis.


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Giriraj Singh said that “90% of the farmers raise 1000 to 5000 chickens. They are suffering the most. I will tell the common people that there is no need to fear. According to the World Animal Organization, this disease is not spread in humans from birds anywhere in India. Cook the chicken well at 70 ° C and eat. Those who eat should eat with great pleasure, cook well and eat it. There is nothing to fear. “He said that” I am writing a letter to the Chief Ministers of other states as well. ”


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