Bird flu confirmed in a sample of two crows in a park in Dwarka, Delhi


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new Delhi:

Bird Flu: Bird flu has been confirmed in a sample of two crows in DDA Park of Dwarka Sector 9 in Delhi. These samples were sent to Bhopal’s lab. Currently, the park has been closed to the public until further notice. Here too cleaning work will be done as per protocol. So far, three parks of DDA have been closed till further information is released, including Sanjay Lake, Hastasal and Dwarka Sector-9 Parks.

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Earlier, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia held a press conference on Monday about the situation of bird flu in the country’s capital. On this occasion, he said that only samples taken from Sanjay Lake have been found positive so far. The area is being cleaned. He said that apart from Sanjay Lake, no concern has been seen from anywhere. The samples sent to Jalandhar are to be reported. Deputy CM of Delhi government said, ‘This morning I have reviewed the entire situation with experts and officials. The general public need not panic and fear.

He said that the government is trying its best to stop its spread. As a precaution, live birds coming from outside Delhi were banned and the Ghazipur market was closed. It has been decided in the morning that the package of Meat Chicken that comes from outside Delhi will not be sold and sold in Delhi.


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