Bihar: Why is the law and order the weakest link of the Nitish Kumar government?


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (File photo).


Crimnals in Bihar are no longer afraid of the police. You can also say that the police was not afraid of criminals. Examples of Two recent events On the one hand when station manager of Indigo Airlines in the capital Patna Rupesh Kumar Outside their apartment Shot dead And on the other hand, a silent deaf woman was raped in Madhubani and the criminals cracked her eye. After both incidents, sensation has spread across the state, especially from Patna incident. The tweets of the leaders of BJP (BJP), its allies in power, are going to hurt Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. There are statements of BJP leaders that if the state police is not able to investigate the matter then a CBI inquiry should be conducted in this matter. The police is claiming that it is close to the criminals. But the truth, whether Nitish’s supporters or opponents, are all believing that now your life is saved, not because the police in Bihar are ready, but you are not on their target.

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But the question is why and how criminals dominate the policemen. One reason for this is that in recent years, especially after Nitish Kumar’s decision to ban liquor, the government has now reduced its status because after this ban, the parallel economic system is operated under the protection of the criminals. Secondly, after coming back to power this time, Nitish Kumar may have reviewed the law system one after the other five times, but the will to implement the decision in these meetings from top to bottom officers who have appointed him. Is not. An example of this is Nitish Kumar’s order for petrol in the first meeting. If there was tight patrolling in the capital Patna, then criminals with arms would not wait in front of the apartment and would not leave after killing.

When Nitish Kumar came to power fifteen years ago, he focused on punishing the culprits, due to which the investigation of criminal incidents was preferred and filing of charge sheets was preferred. But Nitish Kumar, who is the head of the Home Department, kept claiming repeatedly that he has set up a separate team in each police station for the investigation work, but the effect is not visible. Apart from this, the orders which Nitish orders, whether implemented or not, are not monitored.


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He has also deployed police forces to prevent liquor ban in most of the state. But the top police officers themselves believe that liquor prohibition has given the Bihar Police a treasure house to earn, after which the arrest of criminals is no longer a priority. Although Nitish Kumar knows that in response to the criticism of the opposition, he goes so far by showing the figures of the NCRB, but now his colleague in power is vocal on this issue, so only meetings will not work.


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