Bihar Polls 2020: LJPs President Chirag Paswan hits back at BJP over Called him Vote Katwa

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Chirag Paswan asked questions on BJP saying ‘vote cut’ (file photo)


The war of words has started in the BJP and LJP, the constituents of the NDA, for the Bihar Assembly Elections. Chirag Paswan’s Lok Janshakti Party has decided to go alone in the Bihar elections. After this, leaders from BJP’s center to Patna have been engaged in calling the candidates of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) as ‘Votkatwa’. Lok Janshakti Party President Chirag Paswan has said on these reactions of BJP leaders that such language does not suit BJP leaders.

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Chirag Paswan, while answering the question of journalists in Patna on Saturday, said that the BJP leader is raising a finger on the decision of a person who was with him in the cabinet for six years. Chirag said that everyone knows that whether it is 2014 Lok Sabha elections or 2019 Ram Vilas Paswan and the leaders and workers of Lok Janshakti Party have worked hard to form the BJP government.

Chirag Paswan also said that he did not expect such a meeting from BJP leaders, because the program of Shraddha of his father Ram Vilas Paswan has not been completed yet.

LJP President Chirag Paswan said that during his campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can also say something to follow the coalition religion, he does not regret it, because you have to speak to ask for votes for your colleagues. The Prime Minister was an ideal man for me and still is. According to him, BJP leaders are speaking on the instigation of Nitish Kumar.

Chirag Paswan told himself PM Hanuman of Modi, said- ‘Prime Minister lives in my heart, rip off and see my chest …’

Meanwhile, Chirag has now started making appeals for the BJP candidates according to the individual candidates to vote. He first appealed to vote for BJP candidate Shreyasi Singh from Jamui Legislative Assembly seat of his parliamentary constituency Jamui.

Video: Chirag Paswan reveals himself to be ‘Hanuman’ of PM Modi

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