Bihar Polls 2020: Crowds Around Tejashwi Yadavs Chopper Raises Security Concern


The crowd gathered near Tejashwi Yadav’s ‘Chopper’ raised concerns about security

Bihar Assembly Elections 2020: Candidates for the post of CM of Grand Alliance during campaigning during Bihar Assembly Elections Tejaswi Yadav (Tejashwi Yadav) helicopters thronged the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) raising concerns about safety and Kovid-19. In the visuals on social media, a large crowd of youth can be seen moving towards Tejashwi’s helicopter. During this time, due to Corona virus epidemic, there was a clear violation of the guidelines of social distancing. People neither kept distance from each other nor did most of them wear masks. Sanjay Yadav, RJD’s national advisor, termed it as a “deliberate attempt” to influence their election campaign for security violations. He said, although former Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi has Y plus category security, but the state government has done nothing in this matter.

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Sanjay tweeted in the past with a letter written to the Election Commission, ‘Such a violation of the security of the Leader of the Opposition, who has Y Plus category security … Tejashwi Yadav and Pilot repeatedly requested to be removed from the crowd have to do. The situation remains the same despite frequent requests (Election Commission). It seems that this is a deliberate attempt to influence the campaign, there may be a danger for them. Senior RJD leader Manoj had said in his complaint to the Election Commission that non-adequate elements can cause problems due to lack of adequate security for RJD leader’s meetings.

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Significantly, the Election Commission has announced guidelines during campaigning and voting in view of the threat of Kovid-19 but it is not seen to be followed during the election rallies in Bihar. During the rally of Tejaswi Yadav, huge crowds have been seen, but very few people are seen wearing masks and following social distancing.

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