Bihar: People of Karhra village in Madhubani district forced to travel through Chachari bridge


The villagers have to run the risk of crossing the river in a small boat when the Chachi bridge is flowing.

new Delhi:

Of Karhra Panchayat of Harlakhi Assembly Constituency of Madhubani District of Bihar Chachi Bridge The report was shown by NewsBust in January this year. The Dhaus river coming from Nepal separates this panchayat from Basaitha Bazaar. It also distributes the Harlakhi and Benipatti assembly. To cross this river, the people of the village build bamboo chachi bridges. If you do not build this bridge, you have to travel 12 to 15 kilometers to go to Basitha.

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In Basitha, there are many offices, including not only the market, but also the schools and colleges to meet the daily needs. This bridge gets swept away as soon as it rains. This time too has been washed away.

The villagers also buy bamboo for the bridge with their own money and also use their own money for the small boat. People are forced to cross the river using canoes or small boats. This danger is there every year. Many people are also immersed in this river, especially children.

6mmq12gg "id =" story_image_main "src =" "/></div></div><p>Local residents have been demanding pucca bridges and roads for many generations. Leaders of every political party have appealed to the government. Currently the local MP is BJP's Ashok Yadav. The MLA from Benipatti is from the ruling JDU. MLA of Harlakhi belongs to Congress.</p><div class=
dbjbrbuo "id =" story_image_main "src =" "/></div></div><p>Nitish Kumar is the Chief Minister for the last 15 years but he too has not been able to build the bridge. While his ministers have tweeted in 2018 that the era of Chachar bridge has gone. For the people of Karhra, this is no less than a jumla. They are still doomed to live like this.</p><div class=
368kftgg "id =" story_image_main "src =" "/></div></div><p>Election in Bihar in a few months. The leader will then come to ask for votes and vow to build the bridge. Next rain will bring these reports for you.</p><p><strong>VIDEO: People of Karahra have been waiting for the bridge for decades</strong></p><p><iframe allowfullscreen=


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