Bihar Minister Mewalal Choudhary resigns as pressure of BJP, interference in work style of Nitish Kumar – … so Mewalal Chaudhary resigns under this pressure, will BJP interfere in Nitish’s work?


Janata Dal United has also not ruled out BJP pressure behind the resignation of Mevalal Chaudhary.


In Bihar Nitish Kumar (Nitish Kumar) The government took resignation from Mevalal Chaudhary within three days of taking the oath. The reason behind the resignation is that the Bhagalpur police had sought prosecution’s permission to file a charge sheet against him, but behind this resignation, where the Rashtriya Janata Dal-led opposition is taking credit, it is being told in political circles It is said that Nitish Kumar has resigned under pressure from BJP. Janata Dal United has also not ruled out BJP pressure behind the resignation of Mevalal Chaudhary.

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In a conversation with a channel, BJP National President JP Nadda said about the resignation of Mevalal Chaudhary that the party did not know about the FIR against Chaudhary but as soon as we got information about it, action was taken. Nadda said that intention is most important in politics. At the same time, on Saturday, at the press conference of Janata Dal United in Patna, Executive President Ashok Chaudhary said that the NDA government is here. In this the BJP president’s statement is absolutely correct He questioned the question and said what are they saying wrong?

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However, Mevalal Chaudhary claimed that the local police asked for the consent of the prosecution on the 17th and resigned shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, Janata Dal United which is breathing relief in this matter. Its leaders say that now Tejashwi Yadav should set an example by not accepting the post of Leader of Opposition. It is clear that now the Janata Dal is trying to surround the United Rashtriya Janata Dal on this subject.

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Meanwhile, one thing is clear with the resignation of Mevalal Chaudhary that the central leadership of BJP can no longer remain silent about tainted ministers of Janata Dal United and BJP’s intervention in the work of Nitish government will be more than ever.

Video- Bihar Education Minister Mevalal Chaudhary resigns after three days of taking oath


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