Bihar Election: No leader is worried about the occupation at the war memorials of Buxar and Chausa – Bihar Election

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War Memorial of Buxar.


Bihar Election 2020: We do not take a lesson from history but believe in turning around. That’s why we have History The history of the art of writing is an exception. Buxar Those who have read the history of Central and modern India know the battle of While covering the election, when I reached Buxar, I expressed my desire to see my colleague Pushpendra to see the battleground of Buxar.

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For a while he laughed at me again. There were two battles here. The Battle of Buxar which opened the doors for the British to rule India for two hundred years. The second battle was Chausa which was fought between Humanyu and Sher Shah Suri in which Humayun Ganga himself Saved drowning in the river.

I could not see the battle ground of Chausa but I was disappointed to see the battle field of Buxar. Buxar district has been witness to both these wars which changed the destiny of India. But I am saddened at this desolation of history. In this political battle, no leader is concerned about the encroachments on the battle memorials of Buxar and Chausa.

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