Bihar Election 2020: Why did Nitish say that people involved in the smuggling of alcohol do not want to see him in power – Why Nitish Kumar said that people involved in smuggling of alcohol do not want to see him in power


Opposition parties are targeting Nitish for smuggling of liquor in Bihar


Chief minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar (Nitish Kumar) has hit back at opposition parties over the issue of smuggling of alcohol (Alcohal). Nitish, who is doing stormy campaigning in Bihar elections, said in a public meeting on Saturday that people engaged in illegal liquor business want to remove him from power. Liquor is completely banned in the state.

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Nitish Kumar said in the election meeting in support of his candidate in Vaishali that we have implemented prohibition in the state at the behest of women. But with the imposition of this liquor ban, the man will do something wrong. Know that some people have become very irritated with us after the ban. He said that these people are taking him under target for imposing liquor ban. People engaged in this smuggling business want to do something that it (Nitish) can remove. Nitish said that the public is the boss and his job is to serve the public.

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The Chief Minister of Bihar said that he has no personal interest. Whenever we have got the opportunity to do service, then he did it. He told the people present in the public meeting that you have to pay attention that those who do left and right are not going to do anything. If given a chance again, we will pursue development. Nitish said that the people of the new generation will also be reminded that the bad condition of 15 years ago, the same bad situation will be established again, so save Bihar.

Nitish said, save your people. We should support the people to take Bihar forward. It was clear from Nitish’s speech that even this time, he wants to mention 15 years of Lalu Rabri Raj more than his works. He is still confident that the public will finally remember him and vote for that Jungle Raj.

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