Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Reaction Over Giriraj Singh Controversial Remark


Nitish Kumar’s reaction to Giriraj Singh’s statement (File Photo)


Reacting to the controversial statement of Union Minister Giriraj Singh, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (Nitish Kumar) reacted and asked him if ‘beating words are justified from anywhere’. During a program when Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was questioned on Giriraj Singh’s statement, at first he appeared to avoid it and kept asking Giriraj Singh (Giriraj Singh) to ask questions but when the series of questions If not, he said that ask him if the word beaten is justified from anywhere.

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In fact, Giriraj Singh told the forum during Begusarai’s program that if an officer does not listen to them, “kill him with a cane”. Were addressing the program. The Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Department said that they often get complaints that the authorities do not listen to the complaints of the public. Singh said, “I want to tell him why come to me for such a small thing. MP, MLA, village head, DM, SDM, BDO… all of them have a duty to serve the public.

On the statement of Giriraj Singh, the period of stroll in Bihar’s politics has also intensified. RJD targeted the Nitish government and asked whether the government is running in Bihar or Jungle Raj. RJD said in a tweet that on one side Nitish ji tells the youth that if you oppose the government or the officer, sit on a dharna or write on social media, you will send you to jail, will not allow you to take a job. On the other hand, Giriraj Singh says, kill the officers by raising bamboo! Is this government running or Mahajangalraj is running?


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