Bihar budget: Nitish government will spend 17% of the budget on education, focus also on rural development – Bihar budget: Nitish government will spend 17% of the budget on education, focus also on rural development


Tarkishore said that in the budget of 2021-22, the maximum provision of 38035.93 crore rupees will be spent on education sector. A provision of Rs 16,835.67 crore for rural development, 15,227.74 crore for road, 13,264 crore on health and 8560.00 crore for energy sector. Tarkishore said that no new tax has been imposed in the budget. Asked whether the state government would consider reducing VAT on petrol and diesel to provide some relief to the people, Tarkishore denied any response.

Seven fixed-seven targets mentioned in the budget
Seven goals under the “Seven Nishya-2” in the budget: youth power, progress of Bihar, strong women-able women, irrigation water up to every farm, clean village-rich village, clean city-developed city, accessible connectivity and There is a provision of Rs 4671.00 crore for additional health care for all.

The first seven goals also mentioned
During his previous reign, the Nitish government honored its first seven programs: economic solution, force to youth, reserved employment, women’s rights, electricity to every house, tap water to every house, street to street drains, toilets to build houses And opportunities increased, read further.

Skill Development Department to be created for employment
Tarkishore said that a skill development and entrepreneurship department will be formed for the development of skills and entrepreneurship. It will include industrial training institutes, ITIs and polytechnic institutes, except for 2012-13, the state budget has been revenue surplus since 2008-09. This year the size of the budget has increased nine times from Rs 23,885 crore in 2004-05, (2005 when Nitish government first came to power).

Nitish told balanced budget
Describing the budget presented by Tarkishore as “balanced”, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that it has been prepared keeping in mind the interests of all sections. He said that Bihar which has seen double digit growth rate since 2004-05 This budget will give further impetus to development in the state.

Tejaswi declared the budget as mere announcement
Leader of the Opposition in Bihar Legislative Assembly Tejashwi Prasad Yadav described the things said in the budget as mere declaration and a bundle of lies that mocked the public. He alleged that the false drums of 20 lakh employment generation played a lot in the recent Bihar elections. Now the government should put the blueprint of 20 lakh jobs in front of the people of Bihar.

Why did the sports stadium not run out of budget
Tejashwi alleged that for the last 5 budgets, the Chief Minister has been continuously announcing the construction of a sports stadium, but there is a sports stadium that does not come out of the announcement. The synonym has become synonymous, and without completing it, now the seven are trying to confuse people by talking about 2-no.

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