Bihar: Body of corona infected patient wearing PPE kit handed over to family


Family of deceased woman carrying corpse due to corona infection.


Bihar Coronavirus: The great negligence of Sadar Hospital of Gopalaganj (Goplaganj) in Bihar has been revealed. After the death of a corona-infected patient here, instead of packing the dead body according to the Kovid protocol, he wore a PPEE kit and handed over the body to his family members. The relatives of the deceased came out of the hospital after adopting the dead body.

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The negligence of the Gopalganj Sadar Hospital administration is being repeatedly exposed. Even then the administration is not taking the name of recovery. Even today, one such carelessness is seen which raises the question that will the corona chain ever break in such a situation? In the hospital today, the corona-infected patient’s body was handed over to the family by wearing only a PPE kit without packing it. Surprised when the stretcher was not even given to him. The family of the deceased lifted the dead body out of the hospital and took the body in a private vehicle.

A youth named Sonu Kumar, who was involved in the family of the deceased, told that a woman living in Deoria of Uttar Pradesh had come to her relative’s house in Gopalganj, when she started having problems breathing. After this, he was admitted to Gopalganj Sadar Hospital. Here, her corona was examined and she was found positive. He was undergoing treatment in a ward of Sadar Hospital since May 3. Today that woman died during treatment.

After the woman’s death, the Gopalganj Sadar Hospital administration gave her a PPE kit for the dead woman and left her. His family took him on his lap wearing a PPE kit on his own and took him to the car. Family members said that there is a lack of stretcher in Sadar Hospital. There is only a stretcher in the hospital on which the patient is undergoing treatment. Because of this the stretcher was also not found and forced to pick up the corona-infected corpse and take it in the lap.

This is not the first picture of the negligence of Gopalganj Sadar Hospital. Such negligence is done on behalf of the hospital administration.


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