Bihar Assembly Polls 2020: Intresting battle between NDA and Mahagathbandhan in Begusarai – NDA threat from rebels in Leningrad Begusarai, Bihar


There is likely to be a tough fight between the NDA and the Grand Alliance in Begusarai district


Bihar Assembly Elections 2020: The political fight of the Left in Begusarai, called Leningrad, Bihar is very interesting. While the BJP-JDU is upset with its rebel candidates, giving 4 out of 7 seats of Begusarai to the Left Parties, there is a possibility of corruption in the Grand Alliance. In other words, there is a direct contest between left and right on the political land of Begusarai … Both parties have stepped up their campaign, but the big challenge before the NDA is the rebels of BJP and JDU besides LJP which Begusarai MP Giriraj Singh There are open revolts against here.

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Independent candidate Ashutosh Poddar says, “There should be a leader of backward classes here but the MP has given more importance to his caste here. This time it will be known on the 10th. The Grand Alliance has a big challenge in front of the Grand Alliance due to the AIMIM candidates of the Grand Secular Front, which is why the Grand Alliance’s candidate, Anita Bhushan, is scouting village-to-village. On behalf of the grand alliance, Anita Bhushan, a Congress candidate, says, “How long will it continue to scare people by showing 15 years.” In whose reign was the exploitation of girls in Muzaffarnagar.

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More than 100 people of the Left parties have died in the land struggle of Begusarai, in whose memory you will see such archway. Now, on the basis of this land struggle, 75-year-old former MP Jagannath Prasad Singh is working on a strategy to win the Left parties in 4 out of 7 seats. Former CPI MP Jagannath Prasad Singh said, ‘We did a land struggle. Giving blood of more than 135 youth settled the people by putting a red flag on more than three thousand acres of feudal land of the feudal lords.’ JDU won on BJP and two. The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has bet on the Left parties, leaving their seats. Now the election results will tell who the voters are with.

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