Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Nitishs rallies, neither Coronas discussion, nor anyone cares about this Pandemic – Bihar elections: Nitish’s rallies, neither Corona’s discussion, nor anyone cares about this epidemic

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2020 Bihar Assembly Election: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar addressed an election rally in Sasaram (File photo).


Bihar Election 2020: On Saturday in Sasaram, Bihar Nitish Kumar (Nitish Kumar) did three rallies. In these rallies, he accused Lalu Yadav of familyism. On the other hand, despite the death of one thousand people due to Coronavirus in Bihar, now neither rallies are shown in the rallies, nor corona is any issue in Bihar politics. Crowd thronged to see Nitish Kumar’s helicopter in Karhgal, Bihar. In order to win for the fourth time in Bihar, Nitish Kumar himself is doing such rallies by wearing a mask. But social distancing has become a joke in his rallies and distribution of masks is now a mere formality. Measurement of temperature in the crowd of thousands has become inevitable. Nitish Kumar himself mentioned the Corona for only 20 seconds in his 25-minute short speech.

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Nitish Kumar said all about the Corona epidemic that “elections are being held in Bihar during the Corona period.” Time is fixed, therefore, I cannot speak much. I am not able to go everywhere. ”In view of the Corona infection, neither the leaders are seen giving instructions, neither the administration is stopping nor the people are aware of the Corona infection, so everything is going on… Someone is worried Is not.

The political battle of JDU in Sasaram has become difficult due to BJP rebels. Due to this, Nitish pinches him and says that those whom he respected, sat on the lap of others. Nitish said that “you guys don’t know sir, made a minister and are making the same candidates in your government now.” Be smart here. ”

JP Nadda directs secret meeting in Sasaram, to coordinate between JDU and BJP within two days

The rally, which lasted for three hours under intense sunlight and scorching heat, discussed Nitish Kumar’s development, Lalu’s familyism and Bihar’s dialect. Nitish Kumar has flown by helicopter to rally, but the issue of tea and pakorada store, some distance away from the gathering place, remains. In this political battle of Bihar, Nitish Kumar has a lot to lose and to get with the opposition parties. This is the reason why in the election campaign, the resources of the double engine of BJP and JDU are seen.

VIDEO: Nitish targets the rule of Lalu and Rabri

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