Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Former Havildar, son of soldier and a Bahubali in Buxar – Bihar Election: Interesting contest of former Havildar, son of a soldier and a Bahubali in Buxar

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Parshuram Chaturvedi, BJP candidate from Buxar.


Bihar Election 2020: In Buxar the politics of former DGP, former havildar, son of a soldier and a Bahubali is going on everywhere. Bahubali Munna Tiwari of the Congress and the entry of the Marxist Party have made the election of Buxar interesting. BJP-JDU alliance has replaced former Bihar Police DGP Gupteshwar Pandey with former police constable Parshuram Chaturvedi in the electoral fray of Buxar Assembly. Parshuram Chaturvedi, along with the blessings of former DGP Gupteshwar Pandey and VIP Party leaders, is campaigning in the slums.

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BJP candidate Parashuram Chaturvedi said that “I always consider him as elder brother.” I salute by touching my feet. I was blessed.

On the other hand, the former Havildar is getting a tough fight with Munna Tiwari, Bahubali of Buxar. Last time, by breaking into the traditional Brahmin voters of BJP, Munna Tiwari won the victory of Congress in the Buxar Assembly by 11 thousand votes. Congress candidate Munna Tiwari says, “If I fight for the workers, I have become Bahubali”.

But on one of the four assembly seats in Buxar district, the CPI-ML candidate Ajit Chaudhary is also in the fray from the Grand Alliance. Kanhaiya Kumar of Buxar is the son of a 34-year-old Ajit Chaudhary soldier and is sweating again to wave the red flag in Dumraon Assembly constituency, a stronghold of the Communist Party. Ajit Chaudhary said that “we had competition with RJD but today we have enmity with RSS”. Because of this, we came together.

In the four assembly seats of Buxar, the last time two JDUs went to the account of one Congress and one to the RJD. But this time due to the candidates of BJP and Communist Party, there is a possibility of reversal in the political equation.

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