Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Did Nitish Kumar fall prey to confidence in BJP and over-confidence in himself this time? – Did Nitish Kumar fall prey to trust in BJP and over-confidence in himself?

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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (File photo).


Bihar Election 2020: Campaigning for Assembly elections in Bihar is now going on loudly. To date NDA (NDA) has an edge over the Mahagathbandhan. In this election, the results are yet to be seen in favor of the NDA, but in spite of this, many things are being seen in such a way that it seems that Nitish Kumar (Nitish Kumar) B J P Faith in the BJP and its over-confidence has made it an easy destination for people to find questions and answers.

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The campaign for the NDA is undoubtedly on the shoulders of Nitish Kumar, but to cooperate with him, BJP leaders are walking shoulder to shoulder, from helicopter to nomination to assembly. But everything behind it is not as straightforward. This will probably be the first election where the BJP has to clear that if more of our seats come, then the Chief Minister’s crown will be on Nitish Kumar’s forehead. Its people are deriving meaning from their own way that after all how does the BJP know that their ally will have fewer seats. Or are they already working on an action plan that they should be on number one and for the party of second and third numbers, Nitish and Tejaswi have a fight.

Here those who ask such questions are not asking without any basis as to whom Chirag Paswan, who ensures a triangular contest in every seat for Nitish Kumar, has the honor and why Chirag, who criticizes Nitish every day, is from every BJP rebel ticket Nawaz has been there, but the number of former MLAs of Nitish in his priority list is limited. Second, why has the BJP decided to take action after the results of the assembly elections to take action against Chirag. However, BJP believes that every one of their leaders has attacked Chirag Paswan fiercely and after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally, the situation will be cleared. But it is true that there is a confusional atmosphere in the BJP workers and leaders on the ground, which is visible in the Janata Dal United workers or voters. And here Nitish Kumar’s confidence in BJP seems to be a costly deal. However, it is also true that they did not have many options. The seat-sharing agreement with Chirag Paswan was with the BJP.

However, in this election, like Nitish Kumar, whether he wanted to distribute seats or announce the names of the candidates, they wanted to jointly do everything. But it was not possible due to non-cooperation of BJP. Nitish released the list of seats or the names of the candidates at a time on different days, in coordination with his party. But the BJP says that a joint list could not be released so far due to discussion on the names of candidates in the national party on different days and delays in coordination with the VIP party after the announcement of Chirag Paswan’s separation. Whereas in Bihar politics, this tradition was started by Nitish Kumar himself in the last assembly, which he also followed in the Lok Sabha elections. But his name may have been stamped in his own election months ago but the symbol of everything is fine, his step BJP did not take these steps seriously. However, the BJP says that the election is on whether the common people like Nitish or his rival Tejashwi Yadav.

For the first time, if you will visit Bihar in this election, then the anger towards Nitish Kumar is clearly visible among the people. This anger has been conveyed by the NDA, especially BJP supporters, saying that we have seen the face of Nitish Kumar for fifteen years now that he should be the Chief Minister of the BJP. On this, people say against Nitish that Nitish Kumar did not do anything special. Whatever they did during the first 5 years, so there should be change. There is also a third party which says that despite a lot of discrepancies Nitish Kumar and all the inconsistencies, but we do not have any option right now. Be it the voter or the common man Nitish Kumar, especially due to some of his decisions, people look very angry. The first is the workers who have returned from outside say why Nitish Kumar protested against us every time we came back and why we are not getting work despite having a double engine government when we have returned. While many promises were made to him. Second is the section of voters who are vocal about this election. Corruption is increasing everywhere under Nitish Kumar’s rule. The cry of these people is that the government is overwhelmed and we are fed up and Nitish Kumar does not consider it as some problem which is even more painful for us.

You get three complaints against Nitish Kumar. At the same time, if you discuss the steps taken by Nitish Kumar for the people in the Corona period, then whether they have been given their accounts of one thousand rupees to ration card holders or three months advance payment to pensioners, credit of everything people The Prime Minister gives it to Narendra Modi and says that Nitish Kumar had given a little, all the Prime Minister had sent for us. Here Nitish Kumar has kept a distance from the media for the entire corona period, now looking back, it seems suicidal. It is clear that over-confidence in himself is the main reason for his criticism today, where he could not reach his own works to the people and at the same time what will the people of the state do in Mughalate. Everywhere in the villages people will find you saying that new ration cards are made, but after bribing. They do not get grains after this. In this election, where you go, Nitish Kumar’s good deeds are not discussed, but everywhere people list his shortcomings, which is a main point of this election, which is not heard or seen in the last two assembly elections. Was

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However, the relief for Nitish Kumar is that no matter what his basic backward vote, Mahadalits or women voters are, there is no crack in it and they are all united. But BJP supporters certainly look confused today. But everyone believes that since the competition is against Tejashwi Yadav, everything is going well in the grand alliance of Tejashwi Yadav and a good number of supporters are coming to his meeting. For the first time, he has kept the NDA on the backfoot on issues like unemployment, development. But when it comes to making Tejashwi Yadav the chief minister who is the voter of NDA, he will forget everything there and will vote in favor of Nitish Kumar.

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